Usama Siddique

  6 years experience as CS teacher & IT Coordinator in National School Barki Campus. 3 years experience at Fazaia Intermediate College Lahore (HSSC Level). 4 years experience at Peak

Urfa Idris

Tutored privately for 3 years. taught at LGS Defence Middle School for 3 years. Teaching at The City School Middle School for 3 years. Teaching at Centaurus Academy for 2


8 years of experience in LACAS as an English teacher 3 years as Academic Coordinator in LACAS 3 years as Academic Coordinator on City School Certified Teacher Trainer Certification in


Teaching for 1 year at Centaurus academy. Private tutoring since past 4 years.


Teaching for 3 years at Roots Ivy college Teaching for 2 years at The City School Shalimar Taught at UCP, Qarshi and University of South Asia for 3 years in


Successful completion of Alevels in Pakistan. One year of dedicated teaching experience. Demonstrated commitment to education and professional growth.

Hafsa Khan

Currently doing BBA and IBA privately tutoring since past 4 years.


Holds a PhD in a revlevant field. Engaged in teaching 1996. Instructed at Ibne Sina college, BSS, LGS, AIOU, and Ripah International University

Sidra Khan

I have been tutoring for the last 5 years online and offline both. I have an O and A level background and have scored As and A*s.